Anita Drinkwater

Bachelor of Naturopathy – Diploma Herbal Medicine, Diploma of Therapeutic Massage

Naturopath & PAT Practitioner, Auckland Clinic

Anita holds a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Diploma of Herbal Medicine and joined the Health & Wellness Auckland team in 2016, with previous experience in kinesiology, hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), heavy metal toxicity and detoxification. She enjoys helping people achieve their health goals through diet, lifestyle, addressing emotional health, herbal medicine, supplementation, and detoxification.

Anita has always had an interest in alternative health and a genuine desire to help others. She believes healing occurs on many different levels (emotional, physical and spiritual) in a layered fashion, similar to the Onion analogy. Whereby we work on peeling back one layer at a time, not only reducing or eliminating symptoms but also getting to the root cause(s) of dysfunction.


Anita is available in our Auckland Clinic for Naturopathic and PAT consultations on:

alternate Tuesdays 12pm-6pm

Wednesdays 9am-3pm

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Our Auckland Clinic:

Phone: 09 479 5997

Address: Inside “Dr Mac Chiropractic”, 40 Triton Drive, Rosedale, Albany 0632

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