Aid New Year’s detoxification with Epsom Salts!

What are Epsom salts?

Epsom salt is not actually salt, but a combination of naturally-occurring minerals, magnesium and sulphate.

Best known as an ingredient in bath salts, Epsom salts have been used for hundreds of years to relieve all kinds of aches and pains. But did you know that they can also stimulate detoxification pathways to help eliminate toxins in the body? Here’s how …


How do Epsom salts detoxify?

Phenols are natural chemical compounds found in a wide range of food (3), including colourful fruit and vegetables, grains, legumes and some spices and beverages.

They are also responsible for taste and smell and are processed by the Phenol Sulphotransferase pathway (we’ll call this PST), and then flushed out via the kidneys.

However, when the PST is not functioning as it should, the body cannot process Phenols as quickly as they are consumed, which may mean your body is unable to get rid of toxins (a condition known as impaired detoxification).

Luckily, when added to water, Epsom salts turn into magnesium sulphate, which is readily absorbable by the skin. When absorbed, sulphate attaches to toxins like phenols, supporting the PST pathway in the detoxification process.(2)



Symptoms of impaired detoxification

Impaired detoxification may help explain symptoms that appear to appear to occur randomly, including (1):

–   sleep issues (night sweats, night waking)

–   behavioural disorders

–   eczema and other skin rashes

–   headaches and migraines

–   respiratory symptoms


How to use Epsom salts

The most common way to use Epsom salt is to add it to your bath and soak for about 20 minutes. Start with a small amount (say between a couple of tablespoons to half a cup), and to work your way up to multiple cups or as much as the bath water will dissolve.

You can also dissolve Epsom salts water so to apply it as a spray, use it in a footbath or even sponge it onto the skin so that it can dry into a fine white layer.


How PAT can help

Impaired detoxification pathways can result in an accumulation of phenols, such as salicylates (found in brightly coloured fruit and vegetables) and food additives, which can spark reactions in sensitive people.

At HWA, our Naturopaths perform a natural allergy treatment called Positive Association Technique (PAT), and we have clinics located around Australia and New Zealand. So, if you’re experiencing hay fever symptoms:

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