Deanne Bromham

Advanced Diploma of Health Science – Naturopathy



Naturopath & PAT Practitioner

Deanne is passionate about what truly creates real health and happiness in people.

After completing an Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Naturopathy) in 2004, she has gained advanced experience as a natural medicine therapist while working in a number of roles within the industry.

Deanne enjoys working with clients who seek natural, non-invasive and sustainable ways of gaining better health and vitality to live life. It is her belief that natural medicine can positively impact people’s well being and can be used alongside conventional medicine or as a sole modality.

Deanne has a profound way of understanding each individuals health and believes it is important to identify and address the cause of health issues, as each of the body system are connected and need to be viewed as a whole.

Deanne brings extensive clinical practice experience to HWA and an understanding of how food allergies and intolerances impact various health conditions. Deanne sees the digestive and immune system as being highly affected by potential food and environmental sensitivities and the connection to various allergy-related condition.

Deanne has a strong belief that we can all achieve the right balance in our lives and enjoy better health. She looks forward to helping you discover your own unique path towards your health and well being goals.

Deanne is available in our Brisbane clinic on:

Saturdays 9.30am-3.00pm

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Our Brisbane Clinic:

Phone:   1300 853 023

Address: inside ‘Spinal Care Australia’ 2/665 Brunswick St, New Farm, (Brisbane) QLD 4005

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