Four theories for why you developed allergies


Do you ever wonder why you suffer from allergies when others don’t? It may be because you are an ‘atopic’ individual.

Being ‘atopic’ means that your immune system, Immunoglobulin (IgE) in particular, is more hypersensitive and is more likely to react to the allergens it’s exposed to. Why some people suffer from atopy while others don’t is not completely understood, but there are several theories:

  1. Allergies are inherited – children with one parent with an allergy-related condition (such as asthma or eczema) have a 30 to 50 per cent higher risk of developing an allergy-related condition in their lifetime. When both parents suffer with allergies, this percentage increases to 60 to 80 per cent.(1)
  2. The ‘hygiene hypothesis’ – the hygiene hypothesis suggests that a lack of early childhood exposure to bacteria (due to cleaning agents) means that the immune system is unable to differentiate between true pathogens and harmless stimuli (e.g. dust or pollen).
  3. Births by caesarean section – babies born via caesarean are not exposed to their mother’s gastrointestinal bacteria like they would be in a vaginal birth. And it’s this lack of exposure that is thought to affect the development of the infant’s immune system and cause allergies.
  4. High antibiotic use – antibiotics are thought to disrupt the normal gastrointestinal bacterial flora in the gut that help regulate the immune system, which can in turn increase the risk of developing allergies.(2)

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Positive Association Technique (PAT) is a natural allergy treatment that is completely pain-free and non invasive.

PAT is a non-invasive, holistic therapy, which:

  • draws on acupressure and kinesiology techniques
  • aims to re-train your body
  • may reduce your reactions to substances that may be causing or exacerbating your allergy symptoms.

Some cases can be complex, so our naturopaths may also recommend supplements, herbs, and lifestyle advice to help you achieve the best long-term results.

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This blog is intended as general information only. PAT cannot cure allergies – it is intended to decrease reactions and help manage symptoms. It is not intended to raise unrealistic expectations. If symptoms persist, consult your GP.

(1) Ownby DR. Environmental factors versus genetic determinants of childhood inhalants allergies. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 1990;86:279–87.

(2) Sudo N, Sawamura S, Tanaka K, Aiba Y, Kubo C, Koga Y. The requirement of intestinal flora for the development of an IgE production system fully susceptible to oral tolerance induction. J Immunol. 1997;159:1739–45.

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