Health & Wellness Australia’s Head Office has been on the North Shore, in the North Sydney Metropolitan area since 2003. During that time, we have connected with like-minded practitioners who we recommend to clients with needs outside of the services we provide.



Sonja Plecas – Consultant Psychologist & Life Coach

Sonja is highly regarded and specialises in creating a unique and authentic therapeutic experience for each individual client. Her holistic approach enables Sonja to provide breakthrough & lasting growth & positive change for your  mental, emotional, relational, spiritual and physical health.

Sonja practices out of our North Sydney clinic on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Call HWA staff on 9964 0099 for bookings.

thomas do canto


Thomas Do Canto – Walker St Sports Podiatry & Ingrown Nail Clinics Australia

As a competitive distance runner himself, Thomas specialises in the aspects of podiatry he enjoys most – sports podiatry, biomechanics and orthotic therapy.

Thomas also provides expert advice and the most effective treatment options for ingrown or involuted toenails.

Thomas and his colleague Philippa practice out of our North Sydney clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Call HWA staff on 9964 0099 for bookings.


jacqui squaredJacqueline Dekoke – Kinesiology Counselling

Kinesiology is a non-invasive biofeedback muscle test that talks directly to the body and connects to the patterns that are being held onto. Using Kinesiology techniques, Jacqueline identifies the changes that need to occur to clear beliefs that may be causing problems or preventing you from improving your life.

Jacqueline visits Sydney practices out of our North Sydney clinic once a month, for bookings speak to clinic reception or call us on 9964 0099.


liz squaredLiz Paul – Individuals and Couples Counselling

Liz works with individuals, couples and families to help give them clarity about the issues they are facing, and to show them a path which will lead them to a happier and more harmonious way of living.

Liz practices from our North Sydney clinic on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

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